The Time Limit for Lodging an Arbitration of Labor Disputes

to bring up an arbitration of labour disputes in time…

  1. What’s the Duration  of  lodging an labour arbitration (hereinafter referred to as the Duration)?

            One year.

2.   What’s the starting-point of the Duration?

The starting-point shall be the date that the parties know or shall have known the infringement of their rights.

3.   The re-caculation of the the Duration.

The Duration  shall be re-caculated where  either party claims its rights against the other party; or seeks to  the  relevant department for the right of relief; or the other party agrees to perform its obligations.

4. The suspension of the Duration

Where the parties cannot apply for arbitration within the Duration due to force majeure or other proper reasons, the Duration is suspended. The Duration shall resume if  the reason for suspension disappears.

Where a dispute arises within the subsistence of labor inflatable water park relations due to labor remunerations in arrears, the employees that applies for arbitration shall not be restricted by the Duration. However, where the labor relations are terminated, the application for arbitration shall be submitted within one year of the termination of the labor relations.

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