China’s Official Holiday System

Holidays for Festivals in China…

1.  Official Holidays for all the citizens in China:

  •  a one-day holiday on New Year (January 1)
  •  a three-day holiday on Spring Festival ( The lunar New Year’s Eve, lunar New Year’s day and lunar  January 2)
  •     a one-day holiday on Tomb Sweeping Day(or the Qingming Festival)
  •     a one-day holiday on May Day ( May 1)
  •     a  one-day holiday on Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar May 5)
  •     a one-day holiday on Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August 15)
  •     a three -day holiday for National Day (October 1, 2, 3)

2.  Official holidays for partial citizens in China:

  • women enjoy a half-day off from work on International Women’s Day on March 8;
  • youth older than 14 years old can take a half-day off on Youth Day from work on May 4;
  • children younger than 14 years old can take a one-day break on Children’s Day on June 1;
  • active-duty soldiers get a half-day off from work every August 1 on the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The holidays for partial citizen are ignored by most toboggan gonflable of the enterprises, because no extra salary is required by law if the employers have their employees working on these holidays. 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