Sick Leave Wages

the minimum amount of sick leave wage

For the sick leave wages, the law and regulation only established the minimum amount, so the emloyer could pay more if they want to.

Under national law, the minimum amount of sick leave wages is  80% of the minimum wages required by local regulation.

However, the minimum amount of the sick leave wages in Shanghai is fluctuant. The way to caculate the minimum amount is a little complicated.

  • Caculation Formula: sick leave wage=wage base * coefficient
  • The range of minimum amount: 80%*local minimum wage≤minimum amount of sick leave wage≤ average wage of last year

Thus, when sick leave wage caculated by the  formula above  is higher than the average wage of last year, the employer could choose the average wage as sick leave wage.Bounce House

  • Wage base ≥local minimum wage

Where the wage is setforthed in labour contract, the wage is wage base; where the wage is not stipulated in labour contract, the wage base is equal to 70% of the normal monthly income.

  • The coefficient depends on the years of working and the length of the sick leave has been taken
Years of consecutive service(social working experience) coefficient
 If the employee consecutively  takes leave of  less than 6 months < 2 years 60%
2–4 years 70%
4–6 years 80%
6–8 years 90%
> 8 years 100%
If the employee consecutively  takes leave of more than 6   months < 1 year 40%
1–3 years 50%
> 3 years 60%

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