Paid Annual Leave

paid annual leave…

            Annual leave is the holiday with salary.  During Annual leave, the employee shall be paid just the same as normal working days.

  • Which kind of employee could ask for paid annual leave?

The employee who has been working for a consecutive period of more than one year shall be entitled to paid annual leave.  This is a fundamental requirement for annual leave.

It’s no doubt that working with one employer for  more than one consecutive year could meet the requirement of annual leave. Furthermore, it’s bouncy castle for sale also acceptable the employee works with more than one employers for more than one consecutive year, if there is no time gap among different employers.

However, due to the regulation is somehow vague,  it’s controversial when there is time gap of changing  job.

  • Which kind of employees could not claim for annual leave?
  1.  The employee already has summer or/and winter vacations which are longer than annual leave.
  2.  The employee has accumulatively taken more than twenty days of casual leave and the employer hasn’t reduced his/her wage level thereof in accordance with the regulation.
  3.  The employee with service period of one full year but less than ten years has accumulatively taken more than two months of sick leave.
  4.  The employee with service period of ten full years but less than twenty years has accumulatively taken more than three months of sick leave.
  5. The employee with service period over twenty years has accumulatively taken more than four months of sick leave.
  • How long the annual leave would be?
Cumulative working years Paid annual leave
1 year ≤years <10 years 5 days
10 year ≤years <20 years 10 days
≥20 years 15 days
  • the definition of  cumulative working years

The cumulative working years includes the working time with the employee’s current employer and his/her  past employers.

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