Maternity Leave of Foreign Women in China (Q&A)

Questions and Answers…

 – How many percent of my salary should I get for the maternity leave and during how long?
Every employee in China is entitled to maternity leave. However, about the salary of maternity leave, it depends.
In Shanghai, you may get nothing, in Guang Dong, you may get full salary. Labor law practice is totally different in different areas.
Maternity leave is 98 days, usually 15 days before giving birth and 83 days after it.
 – Who is paying it?
If you don’t have social insurance, your employer shall pay for it.
 – Is it correct that if i am older than 26 years  The Beast Inflatable Obstacle Course old I can have one month more of maternity leave?
No, this is part of one child policy which only apply to chinese people.
 – Is it correct that I can have 6 more months off with 80% of my salary and my employer will take me when I am back?
I guess you talk about suckling leave, it’s about 6 months and a half, however, it’s not compulsive, which means you could apply for it, but your employer could refuse.

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