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Labour Contract Revising

Want to  know if your labour  contract protect you enough or not? 

Labour System Establishment

Establishing a new entity in China and doesn’t know how to build a labour system to prevent legal risks?

Labour Law Training

        Training Highlights:

  • The Definition of Labour Relationship
  • Phase one – the conclusion of labour contract
  • Phase two – the performance of labour contract
  • Phase three – the dissolution of labour contract
  • Labour Disputes
  • Labour Security Supervision

        Interactive seminar 

  • Designed for HR directors and managers, employment law advisers, employee relations professionals and line managers who have, or expect to have, responsibility for staff in China;
  • Also designed for the employees who want to know employment law in China. 

        Location: Shanghai, China

       Language: English

       Time: email to obtain the details.

Labour Arbitration or Litigation

Hire me as your lawyer!

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