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How does the foreign representative office in China employ personnel?

  1.  The foreign representative office (hereafter as “RO”)  is not allowed to recruit workers and staff in China on their own.
  2.  When hiring Chinese personnel, the Foreign RO should do it through the Foreign Service Company.  Thus, the Foreign Service Company and the employee that the representative office needed shall sign the employment contract, and then bouncy castle the representative office as an end-user could sign Labour Dispatch Serivice Contract with Foreign Service Company.
  3. Could the Foreign RO hires foreigner as employee?

The answer is No,  because the foreign RO couldn’t hire the foreign employee by itself, and the Foreign Service Company could only dispatch Chinese employee.

However, the foreign enterprise which established the RO could  hire foreigners as the chief representative (1 person) and representatives (1-3 persons) of the RO  in China.

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