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the Length of Probation Period in Employment Contract (China)

How long is the probationary period ?

1.  Where  the labour contract was signed before Jan 1st 2008,  the probation period should be not more than 6 months.

2. Where the labour contract was signed before Jan 1st 2008 in Shanghai,the probationary period depends on the term of the jumping castle labour contract.

The term of a labour contract Probation Period
 the term of a labor contract  < 6 months no probation period
6months  ≤  the term of a labor contract  < 1 year ≤1 months
1 year  ≤  the term of a labor contract  < 3 years ≤3months
3 year  ≤  the term of a labor contract ≤6 months

3. Where the labour contract was signed after Jan 1st 2008, the probation period also depends on the term of the labour contract.

The term of a labour contract Probation Period
3 months  ≤  the term of a labor contract  < 1 year ≤1 month
1 year  ≤  the term of a labor contract  < 3 years ≤2 months
3 year  ≤  the term of a labor contract(fixed-term contract) ≤6 months
Unfixed-term contract ≤6 months
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